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Dale, not a stupid question at all--that's how things are learned.

Most shotguns that have ribs are 'higher in the back than in the front'. They are designed that way so they will shoot somewhat 'high', but only marginally so.

This is so that you can, for example, place the barrel at the bottom or under the bird (keeping it fully in sight) and the shot pattern will cover the entire bird. Otherwise if you wanted the pattern to cover the entire bird, you may have to cover some of the bird with the barrel.

Most shotguns shoot what is called a 60-40 pattern, that is 60% of the pattern is above the actual line of shight and 40% is below. Some guns are altered (trap guns mostly) to shoot a 70/30 or even a 80/20 pattern--depending upon the desires of the shooter.

But, don't worry about it, you have a fine gun--enjoy it.
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