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How to camo my shotgun?

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I am getting ready for my first turkey hunt in spring. i have thought about getting a new gun for the purpose. But i would prefer to use my trusty old 870 express mag. it can take 2-3/4~3.5 inch shells. I have thought of many strange ways of camoflauging it for the spring hunt. (paint, ducttape, decals)
and now that i look at it i am thinking of just making a "sock" type of cover for the main part of the barrel and stocks. ( i have been looking on ebay for camo stocks.. lots of good buys! )

but before i do anything i thought i would ask all of you on your ideas.

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You can get Gunbrellas, Camo Tape, Appliques, Remington Replacement Stocks these will run you between $5 and $65 dollars.

You can also have it professionally done for $95 plus shipping here:
I can make your shotgun completely disappear- just put it in my safe!
I've used the camo tape for several years and it seems to work fine. I do this for dove and ducks, which may make it less critical than with turkey's. How much is a camo stock and forearm for the 870?
Jay G.
I have killed three turkeys. Two with my 870Express (no camo) and one with a full camo Beretta 390. It didn't seem to matter. If you are out in the open, it may be more important. Try sitting in or behind a brush pile when possible. BUT three turkeys does not make me an expert. Good luck.

you dont need camo on your gun or your clothes. i have shot turkeys for 35 years now.its the movement they see not the color of the wood.same with orange colthing.i tested it and :D turkeys walked right by me, trust commanc on, why do we use camo? its all marketing,getting you to buy something and it makes you feel like you are hiding from the game. only thing you are hiding from is the other hunters.if i was to put camo on my gun it would be the tape for 3 dollars.this will keep the shine off your gun and keep it from getting scratched also.
:D Commanche is dead right.He also said that you are only hiding from the other hunters and that my friend is a darn good thing to do.If they can't see you then they can't hit you.Too many trigger happy "one hunt a year"dolts out there for me.modoc
You guys are right to an extent- it's the movement that scares the turkeys, but they (and other birds) *can* see color *and* orange. That has been proven, despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary. Try duck or goose hunting in orange once...

You could just be hunting stupid turkeys... <G>

I had one of my goose guns dipped for around $100.00.
I have had great luck with camoclad on my 10 ga, lasted 4 years before I had to touch it up.
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