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No need to shoot brass shotshells unless you do it for fun. If you do, you will need oversize wads for the best seal in the shell. We use Activ hulls since you can wash them. For short chambers.....2", 2 1/2", a section of seamless alum tubing (ID .835") and cut to the length of the shell. Put the shell in the die, trim the shell with a sharp blade.
Common method of loading ......equal weight and powder by volume. Lee makes dippers for 1 1/8, 1 1/4, etc shot weights....just use to same dipper with FFg in all gauges through 12 gauge and Fg in 10 ga. Other powders by the same volume as Black.....Pyrodex, Triple 7, Clean Shot. Ballistic Products Inc is a good source for over-powder wads, filler (Styro and wool is best), and over-shot wads. No special tools needed with Activ hulls. A slight rolled crimp works on full length hulls that are not skived and cut off hulls. These old guns are great fun if they are in good shape. Best Regards, James
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