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Or you could just do the jug thing and weigh the jug after the trigger pulls... Use a bathroom scale. Weigh yourself holding the jug and the just yourself. Subtract. Or just weigh the jug. Although the latter is not as accurate as the former. B-b--b----b

You could also find the spec sheet for you weapon.

Or feel it out. You know what 3 lbs feels like compared to 5... How accurate do you need to be?
Just pull the trigger. Is it soft? Normal? Hard? What's that weigh? If unsure, do the jug thing with you finger... Get a second opinion or two if in doubt and then average them out. (Add them all and then divide by the number of opinions including your own if appropriate.)

You got This.

There you go.

And really what difference does it make at this point?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts