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OK here we go
How to post a picture:
1. go to or ( note photobuckets registration is a little different.)
2. click on "join"
3. click on "over 13 years of age"
4. click on "agree"
5. put in a username, password, confirm password and email address - then
click on "Submit registration form"
6. click on the link to take you back to the hunt101 homepage.
7. enter your username and password and click "go"
8. click on "upload"
9. choose your category (elk)
10. "Photo to upload" click the browse button and find the file on your
11. If you want, add a photo title, keywords and description
12. click on "upload/submit"
13. You should get a photo uploaded succesfully message and then it should
take you to a screen that has your photo on it
14. To the right of "Image Link:" is the url address of your photo,
highlight this address and copy it.
15. Now go to Cabin chat and post a reply or new topic.
16. Paste your url address in where you would normally type your message.
17. Now highlight the url address that you just pasted in and click on the
"Img" button. This should put the image tags before and after your url and
it should look similar to this (the image tags will actually have brackets like this [ ] around them instead of parens ( ) but for the purpose of posting this I had to use the parens):
18. If you want to include a message just type it in before or after your
image - here or (img) here.
19. You can click the "preview" button if you want to see if it worked.
20. Then if it looks ok hit the "submit" button and your done!!

Also if you join hunt101 you must check your email right after you sign up to verify... to where you can put pictures up.[/code]

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I've tried several times over a week or more back in Dec and early Jan to post a photo. It stated I was not allowed that function. I was signed in and it bumped me out and I had to relog. Has this been fixed?
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