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How to store my O/U

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When buying a case for my O/U, should I buy a case to hold the full length of the gun or is it better to store the gun broken in half in a smaller case?
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Wow I'm suprized that so many people don't like breakdown cases. I have a Gander Mountian break down hard case and I love it. Its nice and short and carries nice. There is enought room to put the gun broken down and my complete choke tube set and wrench. The case fit in the trunk of a small car alot nicer then a full length case and the hard case protect the gun from even harsh treatment of the case. It lock so it is idea for travel on a plane. I don't worry about the wear from disassembly/assembly I figure the thumping it takes form shooting is a lot more wear-and-tear then carefully disassembly/assembly of the gun.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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