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How to store my O/U

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When buying a case for my O/U, should I buy a case to hold the full length of the gun or is it better to store the gun broken in half in a smaller case?
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Conventional wisdom says never store your gun in a case because there will always be some level of moisture, which will produce condensation, which will produce rust. I've lived in both Colorado (~5% relative humidity) and western Oregon (~100% relative humidity :)) and have never seen any rust on guns I've kept in cases. But I may just be lucky - and I do maintain my guns. In any case I now store as few in cases as I can, and none are stored in soft, cloth lined cases.

The "bumpy" (open cell) foam though, being cheap, tends to deteriorate pretty quick, and I don't trust it. If one of my guns ends up in a foam-lined case for more than the trip to the range I put one of those silicone-treated gun socks on it. They inhibit rust on their own, but if nothing else they keep the foam off the surface of the gun. I've seen guns with bits of foam stuck to them, and don't want any of mine to end up that way.

-- Sam
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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