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Howcum No Weatherby's???

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Why I don't I see too much said about Weatherby SAS or similar shotguns?
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Not very many people own them. We're all waiting on you to buy one and give us a report on it. :wink:
The Weathery SAS has gotten some nice reviews from Sports Afield, Outdoor Life and American Hunter. The Weatherby SXS won Shotgun of the year in March.

I think they are having problems with their OEM but it should get worked out shortly.
I saw the review in American Rifleman but I didn't know it was a new design...Oh sure...I should buy while their having problems with the manufacturer??? Yiiiikes.

Just buy a Browning Gold Hunter or Beretta 391 and be done with it. I own a Browning and have shot a boat load of 391's and both are great guns.
Hey Silversport:

I've handled some of the Weatherby autolaoders, and my general impression is that they're somewhat chunky and cumbersome (and I'm the guy who thinks the Nova is svelte!). Can't speak to their performance, but somehow they Wby products just feel funky in the hands. The good news is, I picked up an Exc cond Benelli Sport today for $760...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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