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Hunting dogs...

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In my formative years, I hunted exclusively for quail and pheasants behind brittany's, we raised them, sold them, hunted them. Well my parents got out of that, so now they don't have any hunting dogs, and after going though several years of college, I don't either.

In looking at breeds, I ALWAYS go back to britt's but the wife only wants a beagle.... has anyone ever heard of or seen a beagle bird dog??
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Thats' an interesting question and I'd like to know the answer myself ! I like those little beagles, the 13" models :D
I buddy of mine spent 5 years in Germany training dogs. The germans are real strict about dog training! He had a beagle he trained to retieve birds. The dog will track and chase (flush) anything you train it on. The retieving part he said took an hour or 2 after work every day for 35 days! And he is a pro! He is now convinced that any dog can be forced trained, but you need to be carful not to break your dogs spirit.
I'll lend you a vizsla puppy for a couple of weeks and she'll get over the beagle thing.

The "velcro dog" can be found anywhere on the web.

Do a search on Vizsla and if you notice almost everyone's site will have a picture of a "V" with kids and a pic of V's on the bed or furniture. There is a reason for this. They are first family dogs and oh by the way an excellent hunter.
brittany's are wonderful bird dogs but if I was looking for a pointer I would go with an english setter.but hey , I hunt with a German Shepherd and he's great at it last season when he was abut ten months old (he started hunting with me whe he was 7 months) we came to a nice quail spot and these two guys with a pair of German Shorthairs looked at me then snickered and said " we didn't find any birds with these two,I doubt you'll find anything" ten minutes later I had five quail.
so maybe try a shepherd,hell I talked to a pro trainer and he trained a shepherd a few years ago.said he was great dog.they got in'em you just have to have that nose find birds and not drugs....but if your not a fan of that idea go with the setter or the brittany. happy hunting
If I had my choice I would have a britt, however, this whole marriage thing gets in the way... :D

it didn't help when she found this in the description of the beagle...

This is a specialized breed for hunting hare, pheasant and quail. They are used individually or in a pack.


Sounds like you have a smart wife. :lol: I love beagles. I've had several. They have noses like you wouldn't believe. Their main thing is tracking game and barking on the trail, but they are smart and I don't think it would take long to train one to track quail or pheasant. They aren't going to "point" the birds, but they would flush them up for you and retrieve downed birds.

I'm a dog person and I like most dogs, but beagles are just special. Don't be surprised though if you get a beagle and your wife then makes a house pet out of him. That way, then you could go ahead and get a Brittany (or whatever) as your outside hunting dog while she keeps the beagle at home so he won't get hurt or lost. :wink:
:D Oh boy, Beagles! Did you know that the lovable cuddly Beagle is one of the few dogs that you can have as a childs pet, a house pet, a couch potato, and it will still hunt? I love Beagles. My last one was only half Beagle and half the neighborhood but he was smart. He didn't bark on a trail, he grunted. He ran slow when trailing compared to the way he ran when he was playing. When he was gone I swore off dogs. I get too attached to them. :cry: Now I have this cat that thinks he is human. If I had of known that I was going to have this cat I would have got another dog "maybe". Beagles love to romp and play and they love to hunt. (Wonder if a cat can point birds?) If I ever do get another dog, it will be a Beagle or some type of Hound.
I'm slowly being convinced to get a beagle... :idea:
Well let me help you with that problem. I HATE beagles! I know I just made 50 enemies. My uncle raised and hunted beagles for years. I had one for 8 years. This was many moons ago before "remote training systems" (pc ya know). That dog would run! Not while hunting mind you, just if it got out of the house. When I would put it in the kennel in the back yard he would become the great excape artist. First he dug out, ok put half inch plywood covered in gravel under the kennel. Next he bent the fence out, ok add more fencing. Next he jumped out, ok more dog house to the center of the kennel. Then he just climbed up the fence! I had to put a top on the kennel.
They love to hunt so much you can't stop them. The thing they love almost as much as hunting is talking. For some reason if a beagle starts howling, it won't stop! May be just my dog and my uncles dogs, anyone with a beagle care to comment on this.
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uh-oh... I never thought about their endless barking and baying. I don't need one that'll act like a coon dog at night !... :shock:
Can't beat a Llewellin Setter, of course a Gorden Setter runs a close second... :lol:
English Setter .... or Brittany

Beagles are great hunting dogs, put I find them noisy, pack oriented dogs that heel to only one master in a house, usually not the wife.

Sorry, JMO.
Beagles love to hunt and they crave attention. They are not the kind of dog to keep penned up in solitary confinement. If you are going to keep them in a kennel, then at least get 2 beagles so that they can keep each other company.

I never had any trouble with my dogs howling unless an emergency vehicle with a siren went by. Then they would howl for a short time, but so would my bird dog.

They LOVE to hunt or just chase rabbits. I could just drop the tailgate on my pickup truck and then open the kennel gate and the beagles would literally race to the truck and run around it until I put them in the dog box in the back of the truck. They are ready to go hunting any time. They are not like some hunting buddies who sometimes can't get away from their wife or who sometimes have a hangover and can't get out of bed. The beagle is ALWAYS ready to hunt. But then again, so are most bird dogs. It's just that beagles have a way of endearing themselves to you. They can read you like a book and they know how to get attention and get petted. They are also smarter then many people give them credit for.

I had a little female named Daisy who, while out hunting with me, followed up my scent trail and limped up to me carrying her right rear leg. She sat down on her butt and then stuck her whole right rear foot in her mouth. I knew something was wrong so I went and looked at her foot. She had a BIG thorn stuck right in the bottom of the pad of her foot. Every time she would take a step, this thorn would go in a little deeper. I pulled the thorn out and in less than 10 seconds she was running back to the other dogs to help find a rabbit.
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I have had and hunted with Britanys for the past 30 years, ya can't go wrong with them. They are the only bird dog that points and retreives, all in one. They also make the best pet as they love kids. They are the best house pet along with being a g watch dog. My first one I got back in the 70's. I knew nothing about training so she just ran loose as I live in the country. I started her pointing a quail wing from a rod and reel then to sit and stay and come upon command. Thats all I knew what to do. Since then I had hunted her against profisionaly trainedly trained shorthairs and irish setters and my dog ran circles around them. It is breed in them. This is just my 2 cents worth.
You've got to consider and English Pointer, there is nothing prettier than watcing one frozen on a point tail straight in the air. It's a pretty sight you'll never see with a beagle. Beside their extremly friendly (and high strung) :D
I have had and hunted with Britanys for the past 30 years, ya can't go wrong with them. They are the only bird dog that points and retreives, all in one.
rebelcause Welcome to the fourm. I have some news for you ... the above statment is wrong. Come hunt with me, I'll show you a Gordon (Jake) that is less than a year old point and retreive, no training required it's bread into him. I also plan to have my ***** (Jessie) retreiving by the end of the year. As my buddy with the beagle proved, any dog can retieve, some just need more work than others.
Hmm - What about German Shorthair Pointers. Point and retrieve is what the breed is all about. Brits are fine dogs but I truly love hunting behind GSP's.
Cocker spaniels!

I watched ESPN sporting dog chronicals the other day, and they had a special on what I used to think was the worst dog ever bread. all my friends had them when I was a kid (from the same litter) and I had a golden retriever. I hated those yappy little cockers.

then I saw ESPN, now I respect them....sort of. Dam those dogs can work a field. But would I wouldn't own one. Hey a pink car can get you around town, but I wouldn't buy one.
I'm trying to decide on a breed myself. I hunt without one now -- a lot of walking!

Anyway, I've found a lot of good info here.
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