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:D Oh boy, Beagles! Did you know that the lovable cuddly Beagle is one of the few dogs that you can have as a childs pet, a house pet, a couch potato, and it will still hunt? I love Beagles. My last one was only half Beagle and half the neighborhood but he was smart. He didn't bark on a trail, he grunted. He ran slow when trailing compared to the way he ran when he was playing. When he was gone I swore off dogs. I get too attached to them. :cry: Now I have this cat that thinks he is human. If I had of known that I was going to have this cat I would have got another dog "maybe". Beagles love to romp and play and they love to hunt. (Wonder if a cat can point birds?) If I ever do get another dog, it will be a Beagle or some type of Hound.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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