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brittany's are wonderful bird dogs but if I was looking for a pointer I would go with an english setter.but hey , I hunt with a German Shepherd and he's great at it last season when he was abut ten months old (he started hunting with me whe he was 7 months) we came to a nice quail spot and these two guys with a pair of German Shorthairs looked at me then snickered and said " we didn't find any birds with these two,I doubt you'll find anything" ten minutes later I had five quail.
so maybe try a shepherd,hell I talked to a pro trainer and he trained a shepherd a few years ago.said he was great dog.they got in'em you just have to have that nose find birds and not drugs....but if your not a fan of that idea go with the setter or the brittany. happy hunting
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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