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Howdy from houston,texas. Anyone know of any decent leases that you could get for a resonable price,anywhere in south,or east or even the hill country. I'll have to sleep in my blazer if no cabins are available.I'm just a working man,not much money to spare. sj

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(4/16/03 9:20:40 am)
Re: hunting lease wanted?
Hey SJones,
For really cheap leases you can participate in the Texas Public Hunting Lease program ($40) 100's of thousands of acres to choose from. You can also try searching at they have a very large database.
Hope it helps.
Jay Gentry

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(4/16/03 6:34:24 pm)
Reply Re: hunting lease wanted?
heyJay,I have tried them.There are so many hunters from houston,dallas,fort worth,etc that there won't be many deer around. I was sitting at the base of a tree one time and I heard a (HUNTER?) coming toward me from at least 200 yards away.He came creeping up(he thought)and was stepping on sticks,twigs,leaves. I could hear him for a long time.He passed within 40 yards of me and never knew anyone was around.I didn't make a sound and when he was gone,I got up and left because I didn't think any deer would be anywhere around.I think the only way you might have any luck is to get at least 1mile from thr nearest road. sj
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