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what size gun is better for deer. 20 or 12.
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I would say a 12ga. If you want it to be "fun" I would say a .410 :\ would make it interesting.
The 20 gauge kicks less than the 12 gauge, and if shots are within 75 yards, I think the 20 gauge will do fair. Mike RossLife Member, NAHCMember, National Rifle AssociationMember, Meeker Co. Historical Society
12 ga will give you a little more lead to work with. That is important for shock and knock down. What are your needs and wants. Tell us about the type of shot you will take, the amout of kick you can handle on one or two consecutive shots, and the price rage. Also are you looking to buy a gun the use for other things too.Please do not use a .410 on large game. They simply are not powerful enough to get a clean kill 100% of the time even with 100% acurate shot placment. It may also be against the law! It is in WI. You can get your gun taken for trying to kill a deer with a .410! Let the dog hunt the birds, ... you hunt the dog.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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