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A lot of good opinions have been expressed here. For the 1k range you can get into Winchester Supreme Select O/U's, Beretta Onyx O/U, or SKB's O/U. Now if you are sure you want a semi-auto, which is fine! I would argue you should stick to a, Beretta 391 or 390, Browning Gold Sporting, Remington 1100 or 11-87, or a Winchester SX2. (In that order). All the above listed semi-auto's are gas operated, by being gas operated they will cut down on some felt recoil.

I will assume your question of 2.75 or 3 is referring to the length of the shell and not the drams equiv. All the above semi-autos in their Sporting models are chambered for just 2 3/4" shells. There are hunting models of the listed guns that could handle 3" shells, however if you are just using it for clay targets you only need a 2 3/4" chamber.
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