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I have purchased a 1300 defender intending to carry it in my car, is anyone here knowledgable on the law on this?? I live in Texas and i'm thinking that anyone over 18 years of age can carry a shotgun as long as it isnt concealed and not loaded, if under 21 then no pistol grip. Also would the folding stock or the tactical stock w/grip be considered pistol grip law wise? By the way does anyone know were i can purchase/if i can purchase the non lethal bean-bag shots or the rubber crowd controllers???

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not to sure about the carry laws in your state, but as far as pistol grips go: if the top folding stock or "tactical stock" has a pistol grip on it at all, it wil be counted as a pistol grip. atleast that is the way it is with most laws i have seen.

also, you can find non-lethal stuff at i believe. they charge an arm and a leg for it though. watch out for the rubber projectile stuff, i have heard they bounce back easily. i've heard horror stories of people getting hit in the eyes & face by ricocheting rubber rounds. heven't heard anything like thaat with been bags though

hope this helps...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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