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A Franchi AL48 (I think) that is supposedly chambered for 12 Ga 3" shells (I have my doubts) with a 26" barrel that has an inner diameter at the muzzle of .719 that specked out at a improved cylinder (if I measured that out right)

I found a couple posts on the action of this gun however I cant find a manual there are a couple cartouches on the receiver


The reciever is made of aluminum and is stamped with S.p.A LUIGI FRANCHI-BRESCIA-MADE IN ITALY my magnet wont stick to it.

with the following cartouches 4 circled stars, crossed swords, -SF (I thik it could be a P) a faint FINITO XXIII

Above the receiver is a stamp of a guy shooting a shotgun and the serial number is A76XXX

So if anyone can tell me anything more about this gun it would be appreciated. If anyone has a current gun blue book it would be appreciated.

And here are the obligatory pictures. I would say overall it is about 80-90% there are a couple small nicks in the anodizing on the receiver

I picked it up at the local farm auction house for $260 :D and it is a BLAST to shoot.

Any other information would be appreciated.

Using a caliper I was able to measure the depth of the breach as about 3.10 before the forcing cone. so the barrel looks like it is a 3 inch but I don't want to put a 3 inch shell in a gun that's receiver cant handle it. so I will just feed it a diet of 2.75 inch shells

On the Browning A5 there are 2 bronze friction brakes and 3 friction rings this shotgun only has 1 friction brake and 1 friction ring (the barrel is the other half) would it hurt the weapon to use a browning friction brake and 2 rings in addition to the franchi brake to soften up the recoil on slugs? I am not sure as to the configuration of the franchi and what if any parts are interchangeable. I figure worse case scenario it would not do anything towards reducing recoil.

I know that these are a lot of questions but any help would be appreciated. Value would also be nice so that I can up my insurance rider for firearms.

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