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I am trying to find information on a gun
Im not sure of the year or manufacturer of the gun.
It was made in Belgium and is a 32 gauge shotgun.
There is an emblem, a circle with elg inside,
below it is another circle with 32-70
the serial number 4708
this gun folds at the base of the barrell, which is octagon shaped.
I have photos of it I can send if it will help

I can NOT find a single web site with anything on a 32 gauge shotgun

Would you guys know anything or somewhere I can find info on this gun?

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Karen, the ELG and emblem is simply a Belgian proofmark the same as on shotguns from a hundred other manufacturers.

The 32 ga is a relatively common European ga.

The fold and octagon barrel are good indicators but may not help a lot. Have you tried taking off the forearm to look under the barrel or in the break of the gun?

We might be able to pull this one off but chances are slim. You can post your pics in the photo album (link at the top of the page,) when/if you do , post a notice in this thread and we'll see what we can do.

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CAI...CAL 6T ALB I think
my eyes are so bad
13.0 and another emblem...looks like two E's under the barrel
and above the elg mark is a U with an * above it

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Thanks folks,
I'm afraid CAI wasnt much help either.
I contacted them
but they couldnt help either.
U guys put more effort into ID-ing the gun than they did.
heres their reply

"I'm afraid I do not have much information to provide. The serial number is not in my current database, it probably remains in one of our older ledgers which are being transfered.
Most of these were received as a mixed lot of european shotguns, and may have been listed as just Belgian if it did not have a maker listed on the barrel. Others may be hard to see due to refinishing done on many. Many smaller shops did not put a name on their work. Markings indicate that the gun is 32ga w/ 70mm chamber (about 2.75"). Books indicate that 28ga and smaller guns were popular in europe during the early 20th century for pests and small game."
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