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Ideal price for Browning Citori XT Trap(w/ Adj. Comb)

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Thanks to the excellent feedback I received on this forum I've decided to purchase a Browning Citori XT Trap (O/U, Adjustable Comb, 30 or 32' barrel). My question is what is a fair price for this fine firearm? Browning website has suggested retail price listed at $3,079. A near by vendor in Ohio has them ranging from $2,300 - $2,800 (high fluctuation due to inclusion of case and or if it is the grade III model). What is the ideal price to shoot for because I do not want to pass up a steal of a deal nor spend more when I should hold out for a better price?

Also, if anyone has any vendor suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. A few chain stores (Dicks and Gander Mt.) I know can order them but that gets pricey. I am semi-familiar with Dawson's and Jaqua's (as well as Guns Unlimited) but do not know of any other Ohio based trap gun dealers. I'm willing to order from a different state so long as the price for doing so is not crazy.

Thank you for help.
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