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Identify manufacturer of O/U

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I am looking to identify the actual manufacturer of an O/U 20 gauge I picked up this past weekend. As noted it is a 20 ga O/U with double triggers, extractors, and automatic tang safety.

On the left side of the gun it says - Universal Firearms Corp,
Hialeah, Florida, 5 Brescia, Italy

On the right side it says - 20 GA. 28" MOD. 2041

On the top barrel it is marked FC (I believe for full choke) and the bottom is marked MC for Modified.

I am not sure which manufacturer made this. I have misplaced my Blue Book in a recent "honey-do this move this to there kind of thing."

Any help is deeply appreciated. My first thought is it was made perhaps by F. Marocchi or similar manufacturer. Loved to know what Blue Book says. It is between 80-90%.

Thanks in advance.

RJ Duke
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My online edition of the Bluebook only shows the 12 ga versions of Universal Shotguns.

Standard Catalog doesn't show it either..

My money is on Franchi for a manufacturer since Marrochi is in Sarezzo, Italy and the universal Auto loader 2071 appears to be a Franchi (Brescia)copy..

Thanks for the info. I looked on the GunsAmerica site and saw something called an Angelo Zoli O/U not a Antonio Zoli?. The GA# is 976344957. My shotgun favors the photo.

I said Marocchi in my initial email, but then I priced some Marocchis and they seemed out of the league because of their high $.

I cross-referenced the proof marks on the Hallowell & Co website. The proofing is XX9 which equals the year 1973.

There is a mark 'CAM. 76' under the barrels Does this equal to 76mm = 3 in. chambers?

Sorry for the extensive questions. I like to know the history of a gun. It makes it more personal in ownership.

RJ Duke
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Angelo Zoli went out of business in December, 1987 and was taken over by the Italian Bank of Brescia in 1989. Many people tend to confuse the shotguns of Angelo and Antonio Zoli (it is hard to determine which manufacturer made a gun marked "A. Zoli"). There is no correlation between these trademarks and Antonio Zoli DOES NOT have parts for these earlier Angelo Zoli long arms. Even though both trademarks may indicate "A. ZOLI" for a barrel address, they are mostly discernable by the model listings under both headings in this section.

The only Angelo Zoli I could find fitting your description (somewhat) is the Texas model.. but it's a folder.
I too have a similar shotgun. It is from the same manufacturer, Universal Firearms Corp., Hialeah, Fl. with -5- Brescia Italy below on left side. Right side: mod. 2036 12 ga. 28". Top barrel is marked full choke and bottom, modified. I believe the gun was purchased in the '60's. Do not know anything else. Marks on underside of breech, cam 70, roman numerals XXV stamped with PSF with 5 pointed star above, the word finito stamped next to what appears to be a coat of arms with the same 5-pointed star above. SN. 10977. The number 13 is stamped on several parts of this gun.
Guest from Missouri,

Thanks for the info. I wish we could figure out the actual manufacturer. The workmanship is of good quality. I think the cam 70 might mean 2 3/4 in" chambers. I'm not sure. I found the proofing marks as the one for modern italian shotguns.

What do you think of yours? I am pleased with mine. I like the way it shoots and seem comfortable. I'm going to try to shot it some more this Sunday and to pattern the barrels and see how they are set up. They are marked Mod/Full.

Looking forward to your response.

Guest from Louisiana

Now registered as Yellow Lab
Yellow Lab,
Nothing related to your post.Just wanted to take this opportunity to say,how y'all are? I lived in the New Orleans area for a total of a little over 4 yrs.My oldest daughter was born there.I love the area,the people,and the FOOD.
Jim fromTrafalgar,

Life is hot right now in N'Awlins! Actually, today was the first day that we did not have rain in quite awhile and although the temps were up in the mid-90's we had a nice breeze and the humidity was low today.

New Orleans is a place that definitely grows on you (besides mold, spores, moss, etc.) There really is no other place like it. I grew up Uptown, lived away for about 14 years and returned back in '98. The wife and I are both from here. We call it home again, probably for good.

Hope you can find decently spiced food in Indiana. You'll need to sprinkle a little Tony Chachere's on your food to liven it up - or as Emeril says "Kick it up a notch!"
Yellow Lab,
Me and my autographed copy of Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen are holding our own as far as spice in Indiana.I make my own blends based on his recipes.I do use Tony C's salt free for grilling[when I can get it]. I'll let it go at that,as I'm starting to think I should be on a different forum with this subject.Good talking to you.
Take Care,
I've got the same gun and I love it. Someone told me it was manufactured by Bernadelli and imported under by Universal.
I also would like to know a bit more about the gun. In addition to the marks you found, mine has a large capital E imposed over a slightly smaller capital C. Bill

Sorry for the late response. The software has been changed at my office and anything related to guns is not allowed to be viewed on the internet. :cry: As for the O/U, you said that it was a Bernadelli. Any info about these would be great. So far I really like mine.

I'll try to view this site more. I sure miss it. :(
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