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If you only had a limited amount of funds.

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Which one would you buy
Stoeger Condor Supreme Deluxe2660.47%
Baikal IZH271739.53%
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What would you buy the Stoeger Condor or the IZH27. Jus lookin for a lil guidance on this. Don't have a huge amount of funds to spend. I have 3 pumps already and I refuse to get an auto. So it will be a low cost O/U. Your comments are appreciated.[/b]
I am familiar with the Baikal product, I have owned 2. I have heard alot of good things on the IZH27... :)
I think you should see what feels good in your hands and up against your shoulder other wise known as "gun fit". Without proper gun fit you can't shoot as well as you should.
I voted for the Condor. I have a plain one. I've had it now for 3yrs I guess. Been a very good buy for me. I've used it for everything from clays to grouse, duck, goose, and pheasent. Never let me down yet!

The thing I like about it better than the IZH27 is it's abit lighter to carry. At least mine is. Still, I'd like to spend some quality time with a Bakail.

Hey Txbdyguard,
Don't forget to search or browse through our 'Gun Opinions' forum for information on both of these.
Jay G.
The one that I can get a better deal on
I would go for the Condor sweet gun for the price. Why Don't you like autos.
The 28" 12g condor list at 7.8lbs :shock:
Thier 28" Mod 2000 auto list at 6.9lbs :D
I love autos. But to each his own :wink:

Good luck on your purchase.

I voted for the IZH-27 because I have one and love it. I have been dove hunting, shot clays with it, and rabbit hunting. I know quite a few other people who have the IZH27 also, and aside from the stiffness of them when they are new all my friends like thiers just as much as I like mine. I have heard the most common problem with them is the firing pin breaking, but other than that they are a great gun. I would pay the extra $20 for the nickel plating on the reciever though. It really adds a lot to the looks of the gun if your worried at all about the looks of it. The down side of this post is I know nothing about the other shotgun, so my post is totally one sided. I tried to keep just to the facts, but you have to realize I'm not that objective in my young age! so do your homework, I'm sure you'll like either one you get.
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Guns are like lawn mowers and vaccum cleaners. Lawn mowers cut grass no matter what brand or color of paint and vaccum cleaners suck no matter what brand. Guns shoot no matter what brand. A thousand dollars is a lot of money to shell out for a name. Two thousand is a lot to shell out for green paint on a lawn mower. It ain't that I am stingy. If I had limited funds and wanted a new shotgun, I would get something with a reputation among the common hunters and pocket the difference. If you can't hit it with an old Iver Johnson single, you ain't gonna' hit it with a $3,000 import either. If I went into a gun shop to buy a gun, I would eyeball the rack and buy the one that I felt I just absolutely had to have no matter what. I don't think I would go looking for a specific brand or type. If it is a big store there will be one that you get attached to real quick. Don't limit yourself by preselecting befor you get there. A new gun is the best there is no matter which you pick.
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Well I went into my favorite gun shop today held the Condor Supreme Deluxe and walked out with it under my arm. I am hooked. I held the Stoeger and Russian gun and prefer the Stoeger.
I hope that twenty years from now you can buy parts for it.I have an old skb that fits me purrrfit.My wife bought it as a gift .I can't shot steel shot and parts are going to be hard to find if it breaks down.At least Berreta owns the company that makes your shot gun.It is something to think about .
Well hopefully it will hold up for 20 years. The company that makes mine is the same company that owns Benelli and Franchi. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope. Some day when I grow up I want to buy a Red Label. Wait I refuse to grow up. But I want to get the Red Label anyway.
I own one of each and prefer the Condor Supreme for fit and finish and shooting clays, skeet or five stand. I use the IZH27 mainly as a loaner gun and for hunting. Both are great shooting guns but the Stoeger is the lighter feeling and better looking of the two. You wouldn't go wrong with either IMHO---AFG
After reading all the various opinions I broke down and picked up a Condor Supreme this afternoon. Because of the price ($349) I just couldn't pass it up. Tomorrow we'll see what it's like. I can't wait.

If you only had a limited amount of funds.

What do you mean If?
vicvlb said:
I have an old skb that fits me purrrfit.My wife bought it as a gift .I can't shot steel shot and parts are going to be hard to find if it breaks down.
FYI, parts should be available for your SKB;
ive pondered this question myself and i would go w/ the stoeger im pretty sure they are owned by benelli or beretta? and i dont think they make crap guns even if it is their cheaper line besides the stoeger just feels better to me

Where did you get the Condor Supreme for $349? I'm in SW WA and looking to pick one up at a reasonable price.

[email protected]
If I only had a limited amount of funds I would use the little money that I had to provide for my family and not waste it on any piece of crap gun.
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