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Inertia or Mechanical?

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Hello Y'all,

Are the LX50X series, or Veronas O/U line have inertia triggers?

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Technically, they are mechanical assist inertia. They set much more quickly and easily than regular inertia triggers.
Roger that,

The best of both world? I first thought they were mechanical & got panicked when the other barrel did not click during some dry firing (just sparingly). But then a light tap on the recoil pad, and everything is fine.

You're right KT13, it seems to take very little inertia for the second firing pin to set compared to other inertia types that I've experirence. In playing around, just a quick snap on the trigger (rather than a smooth steady pull) the mechanism would set (not all the time, but most). Of course, in live firing, the recoil would take care of that. Thanks for the feedback.

My first Verona, LX505, 20GA. I'm stoked.

Selling my brand new (1month old/50 rds) 686 White Onyx, 20GA so I can buy another Verona. Perhaps a 28GA. :D
rkba said:
Selling my brand new (1month old/50 rds) 686 White Onyx, 20GA so I can buy another Verona. Perhaps a 28GA. :D
Ive got a 28 gauge Verona, I'll trade you for your 686...

The Inertia saga continues...............

Stopped by the sporting good store to gaze at the last Verona on the shelf. An LX500. They called it silver, but the receiver is actually more grayish with a wabitt on the bottom, woodcock on the left, and quail on the right.

You know how stores are these days, liability issues and all. They would not take the trigger lock off so I can dry fire at will to compare the trigger system to my LX505. I was furious. :x Just kidding.

So, I reached for my concealed carry....VISA.....and assaulted the cash register.

Long story short, an LX500 is now in my lab as a test subject. :D First thing I tried was the trigger. Guess what? Click-click - Just like a mechanical setup. No rapping on the recoil pad required. I tried this several times - same result. Hmmm.
Two models in the same line up with differrent designed? I'm perplexed :? Now I'm beginning to worry that something is wrong with my LX505. :(
My 680GCS has mechanical triggers. no reset.
Several folks who own 505's said that the triggers are purely mechanical. Newer gun so it probably is--my Verona is over 3 years old. The earlier models had the mechanical assist inertia. However, Cress never told me when the change took place and which models. So, if you pull the trigger twice and it only clicks once you have the same ones I do.
I beleive the change took place on the 2003 models.

However, Cress never told me when the change took place and which models
Apparently, everyone likes me better. LMAO J/K buddy.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Fellas, I think Hose is still hurtin' from his June whuppin'!!!!! :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:
Oh, Hose, BTW....did the fellas from FAIR send you a hat---all the way from Italy??? :lol: :lol:
If they went from half inertia to pure mechanical in 2003, then my LX505 must have sat around the store for quite a while. Oh well, it does not matter much. I'm just happy to be able to enjoy such great value in quality O/Us.

Decided to install the full choke in the bottom barrel to try on some trap today. At 16 yds, little 20GA Verona smash them just as hard as any 12GA. Matter of fact, because the gun fit me so well & handles good, I can bust more birds comfortably than my Browning A5, 12GA 30", Full (I know A5s may not be considered to be a top choice for trap, i.e. stock drop & the hump maks it hard to keep your head down, & etc, but it was a Belgian, I couln't pass it up).

Now, back to my normal programing of skeet. I enjoyed shooting my new LX500 much more than my 686 White Onyx. Recoil impression is much less with my Verona. We can debate about quality & prestige with the big "B." All I know is for the price I paid for my 686, I could have bought 2 LX5xx.

I registered my 686 within 30 days & got 2 years added to the normal warantee of 12 months - whoopee!!! I guess Beretta is so good they don't need to offer you lifetime.

BTW, tried to order some Briley extended chokes from CDNN, but they're all out of Skeets, even the Cylinders are all gone. Well, I guess it's posts like these that get folks to notice what great shotguns Veronas are. I better stop blabing & go clean my Veronas.
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