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Info on J. Stevens Arms model 235

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My dad recently gave me a longtime family owned side by side double barrel 12ga. shotgun model 235.

Can you tell me anything about it? Age? Length of shell to use? It is in very good solid condition. I would love to shoot it for fun.

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It was manufactured from 1912 - 1932 ...61,500 made

I'm not positive on chamber length, so, it might be wise to have a gunsmith do a quick look-see for that and general safety.
I don't have manufacture dates for many Stevens sxs shotguns. The Standard Catalog gives a general range of "1877 - 1988" which is pretty much useless. If the gun is marked "J. Stevens Arms Co" it would have been made between 1916 and 1942, which narrows it down a little bit. It would be a good idea to let a competent gunsmith look it over and take his advice, but if it has had reasonable care, it should still be a shooter. Chambers are PROBABLY 2 3/4". I wouldn't use any magnum shells or steel shot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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