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Info on Winchester 101 variants?

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Hi All,

I've become interested in learning about Winchester-branded variants of the Winchester 101 O/U. My rudimentary understanding is that the same Japanese factory (Kodensha?) that made the Winchester 101 also made O/Us under the Winchester name based on the 101 action design with slight modificatons such as double triggers, etc. for markets besides the U.S.

I think that such variants may include a Winchester 99 (a double trigger 101 for the European market?), and may possibly include Winchester 96 and Winchester 94 models.

I am not referring to 101 clones made under a name other than Winchester (such as Nikko), but rather Winchester-branded products. And I am not referring to 101 variants made by factories other than the original Winchester 101 manufacturer. (I'll ask about these two types at a later time)

Does anyone have any info they can contribute to shed light on what (if any) Winchester-branded Winchester 101 variants were made and what features those variants included?


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hmmmmm . . . . Winchester 101s have some loyal fans, someone must have some info on 101 variants . . . ?
You need to drop down to the Winchester forum, there's some guys there that would know.

Only double trigger guns I know of were double rifles, safari grade stuff.
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