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Info wanted: J.Stevens 12ga Single Shot

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I got a 12ga from my uncle and would like more info on it and possible value. Left side has J.Stevens Arms & Tool Co.
Chicopee Falls Mass. USA. Butt-plate has Stevens on it. 30" barrel. On top of barrel is *ElectroSteel * Choke Bored * ---
I can't find any serial # on gun. I believe this gun to be from around the 1900's. The break mechanism and other mechanicals appear to be very sound. Overall the gun has quite a lot of minor surface rust and has not seen lubrication nor cleaning for many years. Should a gun of this age be fired? I'd appreciate any info or value you can provide. Thanks in advance. Charlie
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The "Arms & Tool" part of the company name was only used from 1886 to 1916 (1920 according to some sources). I would guess that the "electrosteel" indicates some type of fluid steel barrel that would be suitable for smokeless powder. If you are thinking of shooting it, have it checked by a competent gunsmith and if he says it's OK, use only the ammunition he recommends - definitely no magnum loads.
Thank you "All Hat No Horse" for the info on Stevens and the recommendation to have the gun checked by a gunsmith before attempting to fire it. Charlie
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