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The gun is Belgian made and proofed.The circle,crowned,with ELG inside is a final black powder proofmark,used prior to 1968. The PV with a line above should have a lion above the line,not a star,which would mean that it was proved for smokeless or nitro powders. The 16-70 should be in a "c" shape,[are you certain your circle isn't open on the right side?],and denotes the gauge[16],and the chamber length[70mm or 2 3/4"].The last mark you mention is simply the barrels' weight at the time it was proved.A deviation in that weight would let you know that metal has been removed,thus the gun may no longer be "in proof". Based on the PV and the 16-70 marks,I would say that your gun is proved for use with modern powders.This is not to say that you should just start shooting it with today's standard loads.Have a good gunsmith look it over first.Many older guns were proved for nitro use but not necessarily designed for the higher modern pressures.
BTW,I'm pretty certain that your gun has more marks on it.Normally you'll find the perron [a candlestick shape], and an inspector's mark[a letter with a star above].If you'll include the inspector's mark in your next response,I will attempt to get you an accurate manufacture date.I'm not familiar with the maker,but there were many small shops in the Liege area.Value on these guns is not based as much on manufacturer's name[unless well known] as it is on the quality of the workmanship,engraving,wood,etc.Pictures of the gun,closed,open ,disassembled,etc.,would help.Feel free to post some here or e-mail to me if you're so inclined.My e-mail is listed with this site .
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