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Inherited 2 LC Smiths: need help on ID, value, etc

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I inherited 2 LC Smith 12 ga side by sides. Both have hammers and double triggers.
The first is short barreled (18") coach gun with a rifle type front sight. Serial #55002 F. Markings say Hunter Arms Fulton, NY and Royal Steel. Appears to be in proper working order and in good shape.
The second has 30" barrels and is serial #171421.
Any help with year of mfr and value would be greatly appreciated.
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The First gin is likely a field gun with cut barrels, rather than a true Coach gun. It's a field grade, made in 1897. Value is most likely under $200.. The second gun was made in 1913, and worth $200 to $600, depending on type of barrel steel and condition.. Bushrod
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