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Hello all,

I hope someone can give me a little insight on what I have. All of the guns are in prestine condition. Only the Ithaca 500 20 Ga. has been fired.

Model 600 12 Ga. Silver receiver, gold trigger
Model 500 12 Ga.
Model 500 20 Ga.

Browning Citori-
Matching 12 and 20 Ga.
Serial numbers- 05723RTJ63 and 07725RTJ53

Model 330 12 Ga.
Model 333 20 Ga.

All of the guns have been in a display case for at least the last 20 years. All are in excellent condition. Can anybody put a range on what they are all worth?


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Sounds like somebody got interested in shotguns in the mid 70s and then lost interest as they are all 70s vintage guns with the brownings being made in 76.

The 500 Ithacas are worth in the $550-650 range if like new with the 20ga bringing a little more or being easier to sell tan the 12ga.

The Browning Citoris should bring $650-700 if like new and like the others the 20ga will be easier to sell.

the Savage is not as popular as the ithaca or Browning but is a fine gun made by Valmet and should fetch in the 450-525 range.

If you have the original boxes and papers for these guns add 25 or so to the sale price and adds lots of interest for collectors

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Forgot about the 600 ithaca. Well add 75-100 over the 500s but remember all these prices are for 100% guns and every little mark on the metal or wood will drop 50-100 off the price real quickly. With 98% guns going for 100-200 less than prices quoted.

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Thanks for the info!

I shot about a box of shells through the Ithaca 500 20 Ga. when I was about 15 years old.(22 years ago) With bird season just around the corner, I was thinking of putting one of the 12 Gauges into service.

Thanks again,
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