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is a 24 inch a prob for all around bird hunting

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i just got a 24 inch m2000 for a really good deal new

this is my second one i have a 28 inch m2000 but i am selling to a buddy

will the brl size make a dif? :lol:
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I asume that you are asking about barrel legnth. It will make no matter if you are comfortable with the way a gun swings. For waterfowling you will probably find that a 24" barrel is a bit too short in a tight blind.
I prefer a 22-24" barrel for uplands. Velocity is not a factor after 20 inches. My Stoeger 2000 camo has a 26" barrel. I wish it was a 24". When you tote a gun for several hours, a short barrel is quite handy. I will add that I use Poly IIs in my guns and that adds a couple of inches. Thus a 20" barrel with a Poly II is about 22" long. Perfect for uplands, IMHO.

You should be very happy to have a short barreled 2000. I wish I had been able to get one but when the new edition came out, my dealer couldn't get one right away.

Since I am not a clay shooter, short barrels are for me what I need. My turkey gun has a 22" barrel. It does its job just fine. I have a Poly II for it but I unscrew it and put in the extended choke for turkeys.

IMO, you have a great barrel for uplands.
That's a question only you can answer. If you shoot it well, then it's not a problem whatsoever. If you don't, then you don't.
I can't tell the difference in the swing between a short (22-24 inch) barreled gun and a long (28-30 inch) so I usually compromise and get 26 inch.

I do have a Winchester 1300 Black Shadow with the 22" barrel that is very handy for carrying in heavy brush for deer, turkey, or wading flooded brush and heavy weeds for ducks. The only draw back to the short barreled guns from my view point is the increase in muzzle blast (volume). They will ring your ears once in a while. If you are hunting in a blind with others they will probably let you know about it.

Good luck,


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The gun will shoot just fine, the question is whether you will shoot it well. Some folks love short barrels for their quickness and slightly lighter weight, while others need the weight up front and longer sighting plane. It's a personal question.
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