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Is it legal to put foldingstocks of shotguns

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Is it legal to purchase and mount a folding stock on a shotgun? I would like to put a folding stock on my mossberg but I am not sure if this would be legal.
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That depends on where you live. I know for a fact you can't do it here in CA. It makes it an "assault" rifle. right. I'm not too sure about other states. You could probably find out by visiting your local gun shop. If you can't get a folding stock, the pistol grip stocks are pretty sick looking.
are you sure about that urbanredneck? i've been told by a few stores that ANY sort of folding stock on ANY shotgun is illegal. but maybe, hopefully(!) i'm wrong.
thanks for the info. i'll grab a copy of that book and check it out. if thats true, you just made me a VERY happy boy indeed. :D

now all i need is the money.........
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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