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Is it legal to put foldingstocks of shotguns

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Is it legal to purchase and mount a folding stock on a shotgun? I would like to put a folding stock on my mossberg but I am not sure if this would be legal.
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Anonymous said:
In most every state (Other than CA), it is perfectly legal to put a folder on a pump action shotgun.
Legal in California too. Pump action shotguns aren't regulated here like semi-autos.
antwon412 said:
are you sure about that urbanredneck? i've been told by a few stores that ANY sort of folding stock on ANY shotgun is illegal. but maybe, hopefully(!) i'm wrong.
Dealers are poor sources of legal information (so, for that matter, are Internet message boards). The DoJ has them running scared and as far as they are concerned everything is illegal.

A better source of information is John Machtinger's How to Own a Gun and Stay Out of Jail in California, which every California gun owner should have on his bookshelf.

A semi-automatic shotgun with both a folding or collapsible stock and a pistol grip would run afoul of the California assault weapon ban. Pump shotguns are not covered by the ban.

The only requirement for pump shotguns is that they must have a barrel length of at least 18" and an overall length of no less than 26" with the stock folded.

Don't take it from me, though, buy Machtinger's book (available at most gun stores).
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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