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Is it me or the gun?

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Hi there, Im a new forum member, and I enjoy shooting clay targets with my Mossberg 500. (OK, im a low budget shooter...)Im also intrested in deer hunting this season, but having gun (or shooter?) problems. (and wouldnt atempt a deer shot Heres the problem.. My Mossberg 500 shoots high CONSISTANTLY. It would be alot easier to hit clay targets if i didnt have to estimate a 2-3 bead distance below the target to break it !!!..(id like to put the bead ON the target..) Also, when shooting slugs using the IC choke,(as recomended) the shots are consistantly high. OK, I could get a rifled barrel and scope for my gun for sabot slug usage, but what about target shooting with my smoothbore? Yes, i have the "figure 8 alignment" when I shoulder the gun. Ive even tried altering my ?"sight picture" with rear bead high or low, but it has no effect. ??except maybe to give more "cheek slap?" Ok, im really reaching here... Whats the problem, me or the gun?Chad E
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well, i'm not sure what's going on about the slugs, but when clay-shooting as with all moving targets you have to lead it a bit
Don't be ashamed to use a 500 they are the best value in a real gun one can buy. As for your targeting problem, get your face dowm on that stock. You could also try just removing the mid bead, you might be distracted by your own sights. The sights are so basic on a shotgun that I would hesitate to say the gun is misaligned or anything.
Mossberg 500s are going to get inferiority complexes, with everybody apologizing for shooting them. Holy shazaam, Mossberg only sells about 500,000 shotguns per year....that's a lot of apologies.I don't even own a Mossberg 500, and I am amazed at what a nice, inexpensive gun this is for all types of shooters.I agree with the Pumper that this shotgun is pretty basic.However, there is a little known fact about the Mossberg 500, and that is the fact that Mossberg sells the CUSTOM STOCK/DROP SPACER SYSTEM for the Mossberg 500. No lie, it's got an adjustable stock. So here is how I see your problem. First, if you purchased the gun used, there might be a spacer that is lifting the stock to make the stock more level, which makes it difficult for you to get a proper bead.However, if there is no spacer in the gun now, you should probably buy the spacer system (won't be more than $10; my guess is $5) and drop the stock.Like Pumper, if everything on the gun is from Mossberg, you should be able to find the solution with a drop spacer system.I'll try and check for you what the drop on the gun is.
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I think I'm going to buy a Mossberg!! The drop on the Mossberg is pretty good, with 1.5 inches at the comb and 2.5 inches at the heel.My guess is that you could drop that stock to 2.75 inches at the end and 1.75 at the comb, with the spacers I mentioned in the last post. This will kick you a little harder, but make a great shooter, if you have a long neck. This is a great woman's gun, with this kind of drop capability.The other problem you could have with that stock is that they made a junior stock for the gun, and it would be too short for you, and, also, have less drop.
Hey Chad,Did the Mossberg have the spacers?regards,Jay
Hi here is link for the stock would suggest that a slug barrel with rifle siteswould be the best solution.They can be had cheaply from Gun Parts Corp.I would also disagree that they are basic, alot thing like barrel porting is not seen at the low end of the price scale.
You might try shouldering the gun a tad higher. Last weekend we were out trap shooting, and my less experienced friend was using a 500. He was consistently under the clay. I tried the gun and was able to hit them just fine. The other guys watching notices that he didn't bring the gun up as much, thus having to force his head down, pushing onto the stock. The gun should pivot at the same level as your shoulder joint, not below. Not only does this help aim, but it helps moving on a targat. After he started shouldering higher he hit them damn near every time on the first shot.
Hey, Thanks alot guys,Sorry for the slow reply.So lowering the stock should bring my point of impact closer to my point of aim. Seems logical, and to me, it looks like the barrel is pointing slightly upwards when I have the beads in the "figure 8" alignment". I'll try shouldering a little higher, then if necessary, get the stock drop spacers.I actually like the gun quite a bit. It seems sturdy and reliable. Its light and easy to hold and carry. I like the no nonsense look of it. (looks tough and mean) Only complaint is that the stock recoil pad is too hard, and has sharper than necessary edges. I put a Pachmayr recoil pad on it and can easily shoot 100 rounds without any discomfort, plus it just fits nicer on my shoulder. Thanks again,Chad_E
Figure eight alignment? Does this mean you put the middle bead below the other one? I always put the middle bead right in the center of the other bead, and then I can hold right on the target. I would think that if you hold the middle bead lower that this would explain your shooting high. Perhaps I am mistaken about the meaning of figure 8 alignment, though.-Chris
First thing to learn is you don't aim shot guns you point them.When you are shooting clays the stock aganst your cheek is the "rear sight". If you have to lean your head over to line up your eye with the barrel you're not mounting the gun correctly. When you start using slugs in 'em then you've got to aim them like a rifle. ---If you wouldn't take that shot with the LAST bullet in your gun, you don't have any business taking it with the FIRST.---
What loads are you using? magnum?maybe your gun shoots up because of too much recoil. Its not how well you shoot , its how much noise your gun makes
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Johnson02 said:
I went with a mossberg 500 combo. Like I said it was what she wanted. my uncle has an ithaca 37 and I have shot it.
Like you said?! and who is she? That was your first and only post here... :? :? :?

Also, did you copy and paste this from viewtopic.php?f=3&t=656 because John305 had already said the same thing on 11/3/02???

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