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Is it safe to re-load the new style AA hulls?

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Looked at the Winchester site. Nothing about loading. Checked their time-line and they are bragging about when they introduced the one-piece AA hull and how strong and reloadable it was. Nothing mentioned about when the dropped it and how sorry the new hulls are.

Okay, straight out. Is it safe to load the new AA hulls or not?
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It is perfectly safe but the only thing that i have run into is that the shape on the inside, down by the primer is a little different, so everything sits a little higher in the hull. My 20 gauge 1oz load barely fits in the new hulls. I just use my old ones. I'm fortunate enough to have about 4 thousand of them, many with the red writing on them. sorry if that makes you guys jealous!!!

Clayslayer: I have been squishing them at the base of the wad too man, don't feel alone!!!

good luck

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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