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FlyerTom said:
Does the plastic baffle have to be so difficult to attach and remove? I broke a MEC powder bottle the other day because I had to squeeze so hard while removing the baffle. Does the metal baffle screw on and off more easily?
To get in the discussion first, I'll mention that I've used the metal baffle for around 20 years or so, actually 2 of them, with absolutely no complaints or problems and very uniform drops with the powders I've used, which are limited I admit.

Secondly, the metal baffle screws on and off very easily, no real effort required to get it on or off.

I can't comment about the plastic baffle as I've never used or owned one, but I see no reason for me to change which one I use as of this point.

I will point out, though, that I have to keep fabric softener sheets in my plastic hoppers for my powder dispensers because of static issues, so in a way I'm glad I don't have plastic baffles.
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