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Ithaca 37

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Hi Marland--

I checked the FAQ and Blue Book online but didn't find info on my new old shotgun. It's an Ithaca Model 37, light engraving or etching of ducks / upland birds on the receiver. 28" plain barrel choked modified. Ser #364521. 2 3/4" chamber. Ithaca tells me it was built in about 1951. The condition is near 100%--the gun was apparently reblued, the stock refinished, and the action rebuilt by the factory. It has a ringtail forend.

Although I never intend to sell it, as it is currently my most prized possession (even if it's only worth a couple of hundred bucks), I would be interested to know its approximate value in U.S. dollars. If I were a Comanche, I might trade it for many horses, much whiskey, or a young wife who shows pleasing enthusiasm in the night. What's your verdict?

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Ithagun Gun Company told me my Circa 1949 Model 37 was worth around $400. HOWEVER, I have since found out it has the single extractor bolt, which is a rarity these days. Does yours have one or two extractors?
Just has the one extractor.

DO NOT get the retrofit. A few months ago, Shotgun Sports magazine ran an article about the Ithaca 37 and stated that the single extractor guns are worth a good bit more than the modified 37s.
Hmmm, isn't that odd?
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