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A Fluesie! I've got one too! a good one, 2067xx, a 1911, 12 Ga, good++ shape, with solid steel barrels. They're well known for their balance and handling, perhaps onea "THE BEST" balanced and handeling ever made (maybe). I still use mine and the balance sure does put current shotguns to shame - their real nice to handle in the field. I like that 6-$900, but if ya throw out an offer like that a WHOLE lot are going to pop up outa the woodwork. About the only problem is they were/still are a good gun, lots made and LOTS still in service... $900, i'd be tempted, I got a good en, make an offer...

See, there's three of em right here, I think i'm just gonna keep mine in good shape and service till she's 100 years old. I think as they prove to give full Century of service they'll start getting the respect (and price) they deserve. They are a GOOD, maybe GREAT shotgun!
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