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I've got a J.N. Scotts S/S 10 ga shotgun I cannot find in any books. The gun is made for black powder as the barrels are marked " London Laminated Steel". I'm unable to see any wrap marks or spirals at all. The barrels are plum browned. The legnth is 28.25". Chambers are 3.10". The barrels are both marked the same with:stamped with two sets of crossed battleaxes, No. 11, M & MP, the letter H and a deep marking that looks like a flying bird? Between the barrels, on the rib are three round dots in a row, followed by a fancy M. The action is marked J.N. Scotts on both sides, and is case hardned. The action has side plates. No exposed hammers. At the pivot block there is an eight cornered square box stamped with C & P Patent No 2084. Next to the box are two more crossed battleaxe proofs. The firing pins are behind two spanner plugs ( Bushings) The metal is lightly engraved with French curves. The wood is oiled ,checkered with 18 lines per inch, wallnut, and of high quality. The stock has a pistol grip, steel butt plate and a brass medalion 3.5" up from bottom of butt.( never engraved ) The forend is a splinter type, nice checkering, and marked " Hacketts patent" No serial number is on the gun. The safty is a fwd/back ,behind the tang release, sliding type. The word "safe " is in gold. There are two triggers off set to the right in the trigger guard. The shotgun is in NRA very good condition. The bores are shinney with very slight pitting at the forcing cones. Can anybody tell me about the Shotgun?

What you have here is a gun built on the Gibbs & Pitt patent of 1873. (British patent number 284.)

The J. N. Scott name is spurious. It is intended to fool the guiless into thinking they are buying a W. & C. Scott gun.

The fore-end is of the Hackett type and is built on G. Hackett's British patent number 964 of 1878.
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