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Another typical story:, inherited from grandpa, no clue what it is or what it's background is.
It's in good shape, however, and shoots rather well also.

16 ga, double barrel, 28", steel pin - far sight, white glass bead - near sight, located halfway down barrel. Good craftsmanship in design, metal and woodwork.
'auto-safety-on' when cocked.

On left side of loading/hinge body area:

"------ SPRINGFIELD -------"
" "

On right side:

On underside:
a "22" with a circle around it.

On barrel:
"selected forged steel"
"proof tested 16 gauge"

All parts have been hand stamped with a matching serial number. Metal ones were hand peen-stamped, wood parts were hand wood-burned.
serial is "C 19387"

Also of possible noteworthyness, it has a rubber aftermarket stock/shoulder pad, a "RedHead Brand" which has "patent pending" showing. Amazingly in quite good shape, considering that I know that it's over 40 years old. I'm not aware of many rubber products last that long.

Am curious of it's age, quality, worth and any other trivia about the thing.


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When this model was introduced in 1931 the receivers were originally stamped "5000", this stamping was changed in 1941 to model "5100". The 5100 was the predecessor to the 311 and was produced from app. 1931 to 1948 (With no production for most of WW II) when they began stamping Model 311 on the frame / Early 311s will have both 5100 and 311 stamped on the frame , the closest listing to the original model is this:

- 12, 16, 20 ga., or .410 bore, 3 in. chambers, double triggers, extractors, VR. Disc. 1989.
Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$245 $205 $185 $150 $140 $125 $115

Last MSR was $309.
Add 30% for .410 bore.
Add 20% for 16 or 20 ga.

Other reference sources show a much higher value but prices in auction sites were in line with those posted

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Thank you so much for the information,
very appreciated.

I've no intentions of getting rid of the thing, but have been curious for years to learn of it's history, and no one in my family is around anymore that knows anything about it.

So, thank you!


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Friend, I have a similar shotgun in 410 ga. no model # anywhere- underside has a small circle with 24 inside. Same lettering as yours on everything else. Is mine a prototype with no model number?

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it's possible that it's a prototype, but more likely it's one of the earlier models. Stevens had somewhere around a dozen SxS shotguns on the market in their early years and many had no model number, the Springfield tradename was even more notorious for not having a model number..
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