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I have a question

I have a double barrel 12 gauge that was left to me by my grandfather. I needed some parts for it but the info on Gunparts' website confused me. It appeared the model number stamped on the gun is for a rifle.

The gun has J. Stevens A&T Co, Chicopee Falls, Mass USA
Pats. Appl'd For stamped on the left side.

On the bottom of the reciever is stamped Model 325

According to the gunparts website the 325 was a rifle of some sort.


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I'm running short on time this morning, we just had a similar question in the last two weeks. the 325 model designation was used on both a rifle and a shotgun, if you look on the first 2-3 pages here you should find the info that we found, not sure how conclusive we were though.
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