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JC Higgins Model 20 12 Ga. News

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As most of you read on my segments about my gun with having a full choke fixed barrel. I had a choice between getting a screw in choke system or polychoke. I went to the local gunsmith here, and asked him which would be best. I asked him about the poly choke, and he told me it would cost alot to have one put on. I than asked him about the screw in choke system. He asked me if I dear hunt alot, and I told him yes. I told him my main hunting I do is squirrel, rabbit and deer, on the occasion, duck. He than told me that the screw in choke system would not really be recommended for my gun. He told me that he has had many cases in which people have came in when they tried to shoot slugs through their screw in choke, and it blew the tube right out the end of the gun. He asked me if I did much turkey hunting and I said I don't do any at all. He than told me that my best bet for both performance and price would be if he sawed off a little. So I asked if he was sure and he said yes, so I told him alright. I payed $10 and he sawed 5 inches off of the end, and the barrel is now a open choke. He told me that it will work great with slugs, and can still hunt birds, squirrel and rabbit, but he said that I would never be able to hunt turkey with it because it wouldn't have the knockdown power and to wide of a pattern. I brought my gun home after he sawed it off and put a new bead on it, it shoots straight as can be, and slugs pass through like a breeze. He even told me that later if I wanted to, I could put a poly choke on it, but wouldn't recommend it unless I needed more of a mod. or full choke. He told me it will work great, I was out shooting around today, and saw those annoying black birds. I shot in the tree and landed 5 on the ground. I just wonder how far of a pattern this gets. What do you all think? Do you think I did the right or wrong thing and why? I love it, because it can be a great home defense gun now too.
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