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John Kerry, Hunter or wannabe?

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One ninth of the democratic Presidential hopefuls in a shot from a pheasant hunt along with an article about some of his opinions on guns.

Kerry takes aim at Dean positions on guns


COLO, Iowa -- John Kerry charged that Democratic rival Howard Dean has a history of pandering to the gun lobby by opposing a ban on assault weapons.

Dean said Kerry was distorting positions he took while running for governor of Vermont.

On Friday Kerry, campaigning in central Iowa, passed around National Rifle Association questionnaires that Dean had filled out in 1992 and 1994 as evidence. Kerry said that Dean used those questionnaires to get the backing of the powerful NRA while Congress was struggling to pass the assault weapons ban.

"During the time that we were struggling and every law enforcement officer in America wanted to pass it, Howard Dean was asking for the NRA's endorsement and he got it," Kerry said.

Kerry made his remarks on a farm about an hour northeast of Des Moines, where he planned an afternoon of pheasant hunting. Dressed in blue jeans, a flannel shirt and rubber boots, he spoke against a backdrop of stacked hay bales, lit by a row of television lights.

"When I go out there and hunt, I'm going out there with a 12-gauge shotgun, not an assault weapon," Kerry said.

"I've been a hunter since I was 12," he said.

Dean's campaign immediately denounced Kerry as one of the "Beltway Boys," who have made a pattern of attacking Dean. Spokeswoman Sarah Leonard said Dean has raised the issue of assault weapons many times on the presidential campaign trail.

"Governor Dean has always supported a ban on assault weapons," Leonard said. "To suggest otherwise is to peddle a pack of untruths and Iowans don't appreciate dishonesty."

Dean routinely argues that he favors current federal gun control laws, wants to close the gun show loophole and, beyond that, wants states allowed to go their own way.

"I come from a rural state with a very low homicide rate," Dean told reporters in New Hampshire. "We had five homicides one year. It's a state where hunting is a part of our life. I understand that's not the traditional Democratic position."

Kerry rejected that argument.

"You cannot favor federal gun control and allow the states to do it their own way," Kerry said. "That's a complete contradiction."

The attack is the latest against Dean, who along with Dick Gephardt, sits atop the field of contenders for Iowa's leadoff precinct caucuses in January. Dean's rise in the polls has been accompanied by rising attacks from his rivals.

"I believe we must put the safety of our children and families ahead of special interests like the NRA," Kerry said. "I will never pander to the extremist NRA for personal or political expediency." ... rry%20Guns
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