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Jump at the chance!

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Ah, an empty forum, bliss!

Well folks, there is not too much content here but I (and I am sure many other English registered users) would be happy to field any questions on how we do things over here.

So go on, post away and lets make the England forum the best of the new lot!

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Hey benny, is wood pigeon hunting as fun as I've heard it is? The sight of them dropping in to decoys is supposed thrilling.
Yep, it really is a great day!

There used to be a time when farmers would pay you to go and shoot pigeons, not any more though!!

Some days are naturally better than others, but when the decoys are set up right and there are birds coming in it really is a thrilling experience. There seems to be a big thing now about bag size (its not unusual to shoot up to 100 birds each!!), but I prefer to keep the number of shots taken down, and just select the really sporting/challenging birds.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!

Ladies and Gentlemen

If you are thinking of coming over to the UK for a bit of Clay shooting please click on my link to view some of the grounds in my area ... /my_photos

Hope this will give you a bit more incentive.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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