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Just 4 more days~!!

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I left Sat early am for AR, had to go and do some work on the pits and the camp area. Got the camper set, a new water heater set and plumbed, a block house made liveable, added some lughts, brushed the blinds, cleaned out the pits, set out about 500 dekes, and killed some snow geese. It was a bit of a marathon as we came back Sun night. Couple of whipped fellas sitting around the camp Sat night, but the Crown and Sprite made it all right.

We ended up with 31 geese and one of them was a banded Ross'.

All that, so that when I leave again Fri morning all we have to do is turn on the power, set up the grill, and get the cleaning supplies set out. Well, there is the cook out to go to, but for Sat morning just a 2 minute drive to the pit.

There are thousands of geese and ducks in AR right now, and more expected as the rain falls and the fields fill. Hundreds of greenwings, mallards, and pintails are buzzing around. Looking forward to a great opener. Did I mention that I will be gone for 10 days? Yeah, its computer, no tv, and nothing but hunting. Will leave on Friday the 21 and wont be back till the following Sunday.

Tried a quick recipe for snow geese on the grill, marinated it in Allegro Game Tame orange label, got the charcoal like I like it, then cut the breast fillets in half lengthwise, covered with a pc of bacon held w/ toothpicks, when I flipped the meat I coated it with a Jack Daniels bbq sauce. Fine eating, some fools will call them sky carp and I would bet that they just dont know how to cook them as this was as good as any steak. Have plenty to work with adn will be eating some of that again this evening.
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