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K 80 recoil "pad"/stock removal question

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My gun has a rock hard truck tread curved trap style pad on it. It has a single hole [3/16] on the lower area of the pad. What goes in there and how long does it have to be to get it off?
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Unless you have a graco or similar device on the gun, there are two screws holding the buttplate on. You may have to work at it a bit to find the tiny slots in the pad-- they can be very well hidden in plain site :)

Use a little lubricant on the screwdriver-- it will keep a dried out pad from shedding rubber and looking lousy if you decide to put it back on.
If your gun is in stock conditiion then there is a good chance that your recoil pad will not have to be removed to remove the stock. The hole in the recoil pad allows access to the stock bolt. A long allen wrench is provided with the guns when bought new. They are a long allen wrench with a small handle and are about 6mm or so in size-----the pad can then stay on while the stock can be easily removed.

Thanks. I found out that my Guerini stock tool fits a Krieghoff.....

That and the slots in the recoil pad were in fact there but the hardest to locate I've ever seen.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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