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[/b] Kettner[/b]
Q Hello, I have a Drilling 16 gage double and a 7 mm combination, pre World War II, finely carved by Franz Kettner, inlaid with silver, and has the Kings seal, excellent condition.
Who would have an interest in it, and how much is it worth?
A Does it look similar to this? <>
Franz Kettner operated in Suhl, circa 1891-1939, and an Edward Kettner operated in Cologne (Koln) circa 1890 and later, so perhaps the two are related or merged at some point under Franz's name. There is not yet any good reference material on the many fine German gunsmiths who operated prior to WW2.
Here is an info packed link... <>

King Nitro
Q I was wondering if you have any information you could tell me about a gun, that is my fathers..its a Nitro King 12 gauge single shot shotgun. It looks like it has a twisted steel barrel on it..I was looking for any information, or where I could get a quote on how much it would be worth, if anything
A King Nitor was a "house brand" name used by Shapleigh Hardware Company of St Louis for many years. Circa 1920-1940 their double barrel shotguns were Stevens model 315 but marked with the King Nitro name. Other makers may have made guns for them at different times. Charles Carder's excellent "Side By Sides of the World" is the source of this information. The Blue Book lists the
"Shapleigh King Nitro Savage Model 15"
However, I can't find any info on a Savage Model 15 and there appears to be several models put out by "King Nitro".
Q I have a Lames Model 801 with 20 and 12 Ga. barrels (both skeet) The shotgun has intricate etching on the receiver and the breach end of the barrels. Would this be a better choice for a possible trade in? I'm not even sure what to ask for it.
A The Blue Book of Gun Values only listed one model of Lames O/U (no model number was listed), so I'm not positive that the model below is the same as yours.:
- similar to Field, with 26 in. skeet bore barrels, skeet stock and separated barrels.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80%
$600 $575 $550 $525 $425
Q I am trying to get some information on Lanber shotguns. Any suggestions
A "Current shotgun (O/U and semi-auto only) trademark manufactured by ComLanber, S.A., located in Zaldibar, Spain. Beginning 1999, O/U shotguns are imported by Wingshooting Adventures, located in Grand Rapids, MI. Previously imported 1996-99 by ITC International, Inc. located in Marietta, GA. Previously imported and distributed until 1994, by Eagle Imports, Inc. located in Wanamassa, NJ. Previously imported by Exel Arms of America, Inc., located in Gardener, MA, and by Lanber Arms of America located in Adrian, MI.
Lanber makes a wide range of quality O/U and semi-auto shotguns. " Also
Lanber Shotguns
Imported by ITC International, Inc.
1720 Cumberland Point Dr., Suite 5, Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 858-0048 FAX: 0051
President: Jean Constantinides
Q I have a beautiful Laurona shotgun that I would love to find out more about. Any information you can give me would be helpful (year made, value etc). The serial number is 20427, I don't know the model, but there is also 12-70 stamped inside an oval. The receiver is engraved as well as the screws. Other markings include a helmet on top of a shield with an X on it, two crossed guns with a 2 over them, and another shield with what looks like a BP and an oval underneath the letters. I realize this gun is not terribly old, but I can't find anything like it on the Laurona web site. Oh, also there is stamped information about the barrel length and choke.
A Below is some history on the Laurona's. I could take a lot of guesses as to which model you have, but I would recommend that you contact Galaxy Imports for accurate info.
From the Blue Book of Firearms:
"Current trademark established in 1941, and manufactured by Armas Eibar, S.A.L., located in Eibar, Spain. No current U.S. importation. Previously imported until 1993 by Galaxy Imports located in Victoria, TX. Galaxy Imports still services Laurona shotguns (no warranty, see Trademark Index).

Laurona was founded in Eibar during 1941 by four craftsmen (hence the name Laurona, which in Basque means "of the four"), each a specialist in a discipline of shotgun mfg. Laurona made SxS guns until 1978, at which time they discontinued mfg. to concentrate on the O/U marketplace.
Laurona manufactures high quality O/U shotguns and O/U express rifles/combination guns. Beginning 1992, Laurona switched from a one-piece, demi-block type of fabrication to a monobloc system which has improved strength characteristics while reducing weight in their X-Series line of shotguns and express rifles.
Laurona long guns come standard with a Black Chrome metal finish that is extremely resistant to oxidation. Left hand stocks are available for the 83 MG Super Game, 85 MS Super Game, Trap, and Super Skeet, Silhouette Trap models, and Silhouette Sporting Clays.
Suffix designations on Laurona shotguns refer to the following: G - twin non-selective triggers, S - selective single trigger, M - multi-chokes, T - Tulip, BV - beavertail, U - single non-selected triggers.
All Super Game Models were available with a deluxe package which includes a recoil pad, mid-bead sight, and select wood for an additional $250. Special order dull matte finished barrels (with multi- chokes) were available for an additional $200 - extra barrels were priced between $635 (20 ga.) or $800 (12 ga.) per set.
If more information is required on an older Laurona model not listed in this publication (including ser. no. dating), please contact Galaxy Imports (see Trademark Index). For an accurate appraisal, please send a complete description of your specimen (including Laurona model name, serial number, and other pertinent data - include photos if possible). The charge for this service is $25 per serial number. "
You might try Laurona direct at :
Laurona-Armas Eibar, S.A.L.
Avda, Otaola, 25, PO Box 260, 20600 Eibar, Spain
FAX: 011-34-943-700616
Contact: Alfonso Uria
E-mail: [email protected]/U & semi-automatic shotguns & express rifles.

Leader . see Baker
Q I came across a Lefever nitro special 20ga. sxs. at my grandmothers. The best I could come up with on a serial # was 298941. I have not been able to find out much about this gun. Thought you might be able to help me out. Thanks
- 12, 16, 20 ga., or .410 bore, 26-32 in. barrels, various chokes, boxlock, extractors, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1921-1948.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$450 $395 $350 $300 $250 $225 $200

Add $75 for ST.
Add 50% for 20 ga. "

Lince shotgun (American Arms)
Q I am looking for a Lince shotgun. They were or are made in Spain. Do you know anything about them and how much they cost?
A - 12 or 20 ga., 3 in. chambers, boxlock with Greener crossbolt, various barrel lengths and chokings, available in either blue or shiny chrome finish, SST, VR, ejectors. Imported 1986 only.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$510 $400 $380 $360 $340 $320 $300
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Have been looking at a 391 urika 2 for a long time but have seen several post on the A300. Was curious as to what the diferences are between the 391 the A300 and the 390 guns. I know the 390 is a little more simple and the 391 has the slim forend. How does the A300 outlander compare, gas system, forearm, wieght, quality and so on? Thanks
It feels more like the 391 than the 390. My wife has the a300 and its been very reliable. Its like a cross between a 390 and 391 as far as mechanics go. Someone more familiar with beretta's may know more than me. Great gun for the money though.
sportingspecial said:
Wrong forum.
My bad I must have clicked on the wrong line. I looked for this post on the beretta forum and never found it. I dont know how to move it.
T-roy 120, that's OK, we like Berettas too... :)
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