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Things may have changed, but in the past Khan have been noted for inconsistency. If you got a good one - great, a lemon - didn't seem like any amount of gunsmithing would fix it. Personally I can't afford to pay for some company's learning curve. After much research I bought a Baikal, they initially had some bad press but overtime the reviews became very consistent - They are considered ugly but rock solid reliable and for me that is OK. It depends most on how much you intend to use the gun, a hunter who put a few hundred rounds a year might find the Khan adequate and a good deal for the money. A clay shooter who puts a few hundred rounds a week thru a gun will likely be very disappointed. You might also try a used version of a better quality gun. I can't really knock Khans because I've never shot one, I've looked at them at Big-5 and most of them look decent but it's whats inside that counts and that's where Khans have been most criticized. No bird ever fell from the sky cause your gun looked good. Suggest doing a site search on "Khan" and read for while before making a final decision. Personally, I think Turkish guns in general will eventually become good buys but aren't there yet. And I'm not going to pay for them to learn quality control.

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I am 65 years old now and retired from G.M. Corp. but also was a licensed gunsmith for about 30 years. I have been into the Gazelle, Lanber, Verona, and of corse many others but just using these as they are somewhat close in price.and now my first Kahn. A good friend of mine's son got one and he wanted me to go through it and lube it and check it out. I didn't have the heart to tell him what I found as he can't take it back. It is with out a doubt the worst made gun I have ever worked on. The top firing pin is located way to high in the receiver and the hammer was just contacting the bottom of the firing pin. It was all ready starting to slip past it, and this is a new gun. It took me about an hour to rebuild the hammer to solve this problem. Any of you guys that don't have a gunsmith for a friend don' get one. The gazelle is head and shoulders above the Kahn and the Lanber is a real fine gun inside. I Bought one of the Lanbers 2097s as I was so inpressed with them.. The bigest problem I find with all new guns is that they don't lube anything when they put them together at the factory. Sad. Do your self a favor and take the stock off and lube it your self or ask a gunsmith to do it for you. Save you a lot of problems down the road. O and buy the way, the Verona is very well put together. God Bless

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