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You know the old cliche, don't like the weather, waite a minute it will change. That could not be truer for you situation. It could be -10 deg or +60 degrees. I would take goretex boots, brush pants, polypro long johns, a polypro long sleeve shirt, a long sleeve twill shirt, a fleece jacket, and a waterproof nylon shell of some kind, a heavy pair of gloves and a light pair.

One day you might be comfortable in just the brush pants, twill shirt and your vest or game jacket. Other days you'll need every layer you got with you, even when walking. At even 20 degrees with a 20 mph wind its much colder feeling than it sounds.

We hunted ducks in Kansas one year between Christmas and New Years, and the first day we had all we could do to beat through the ice to get our decoys in the the water. The next afternoon, it got up to 65 degrees and we were out in our long sleeve camo tee shirts and waders.

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