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keeps going, and going, and going....

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woke up at 6 am.
took my new 8 month old gsp out for a morning walk, ( 1 hr)
went hunting right after that (5 hrs of good walking) at two locations. 2 1/2 hrs at each location. no birds!
took him to my sisters place went for another 1 hr walk, he played tether ball with me for 1 and half hours played with the other dogs with constant swiming and running.
got home, put him out side he is now runing up and down the yard barking having a blast!
open the back door when he was quiet.. only to be attacked by a jumping /waggy tailed dog! dog comes in runs around the house, jumping on each couch then runs out again.
argh... how long is this going to last?
he just now demolished two chew bones!!! i bought 10 minutes ago on the way home!

trust me i think this is all grand to see him so happy. it was sad to see some of the problems associated with kennels come out. everything is so new to him and so exciting. its great fun but damn i am tired, dead.. hahahahhh my wife laughs at me and says... well atleast you will loose some weight!

ahhhh he is sitting right next to me now, giving me those puppy eyes.. ahhh its all worth it.

and he did real well in the field today. really proud of the kid.

-thanks for listening.
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