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A Swiss army knife is fine for doing birds... I use a mini-Buck - it's got about a 2" drop-point blade. In the field, I pull the innards without using a knife, and drop the bird in the vest (watch that the dog don't chow down on the innards, golden retriever will even sneak back for a chance at 'em). Once we're back at the shack, I skin the bird (just pull it off) and use the knife to make a neat cut at the first wing joint and the joint at the end of the drumstick, then cut off the head and pull the windpipe and esophagus out (they usually break off somewhere in the chest when you pull the guts in the field). Wash it in good cold water, put in in the cooler, pop a brew, clean the guns, tell some lies, play some cards (more lies), draw straws to see who fixes dinner....
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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