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Anybody know about the quality of Lanber shotguns??
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good for the money Its not how well you shoot , its how much noise your gun makes
I have the Sporting Clay's model #2097 with over 2000 Rds. through it and it is great. I read that Lanber out sells all other guns combined in the U.K. Thats got to tell you somrthing.Dave
It probably outsells because it's so damn cheap. Honestly, I wouldn't get one. I saw a bunch of used ones at my local guns store and they all looked like they were in terrible condition. It seems to me that the gun doesn't last very long so yeah... i guess you get what you pay for... A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
too bad pmmx had such a bad experience these are really really great shotguns they will last a long time I have a 2097 that has probably about 2000 ronds through with no problem and still locks up tight!!!
The major weakness of the off-the-rack Lanbers is their triggers which are rather sloppy. The stock work is excellent and their reliability is good. I have a 20 ga sporter which I have had for about five years. I have shot at least 12,000 reloads through it and the only problem I have had is a broken lower firing pin. I live near one of the US importers and was able to get the pin replace in 48 hours for just the cost of the labor. In my opinion the 20 ga sporter balances and handles as well as any Perazzi made. It is the only sporting clays gun with which I have been able to break 90/100. The 12 ga version feels rather ordinary and muzzle heavy to me, but so do a lot of the longer barrelled Brownings.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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