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LANMBER SHOTGUNS information .......please

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Greetings gents ,

I have heard alot of great things about this gun. Supposedly alot of gun for the money and a great value.

Im contemplating the purchase of a sporting model the 2098.
Retails for around 800-900$. I have found several places where this model can be ordered from.

However, Im having a much harder time finding a lightweight field model Lanber makes. It is model # 2077 .
12 gauge , 26 inch O/U , weighing in at 6.2 lbs.

Where have you guys purchased your Lanber from ?
Do you know anyone that can import some of these harder to find models ? Do you know of any major importers or distributors.

So far any information I have been given has been a dead end as far as this field model is concerned.

The gun can be seen at
click on the news section and go to "enjoy the hunt" where all the field models are illustrated.

Also, are there any lanber 20 gauge owners out there ?
I believe its model 2065.
your help would be greatly appreciated
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Click on this link and it will take you to a recent Lanber discusson on this forum.
Hi friend,

I had a Lanber which I bought $280 being a used gun.

I had difficulties to get the right cartridges but once I found them the gun was performing really well. The only disadvantage was that I couldn't use cartridgres more than 30gr. due to strong recoil. I'm sure that the sporting model will be able to take more grams due to being heavier.

Furthermore is quite robust and has a quick aiming at the target.

My opinion is that is a good gun which you can rely on it.
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